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Artur Mas Trial

It is a tense and uncomfortable atmosphere in the heart of Barcelona today with thousands of supporters gathering in the streets around the courthouse where former Catalan president Artur Mas goes on trial.

Artur Mas knew this day would come having been warned by Spain’s central government that he was breaking the law with his unofficial vote on independence. He stands accused of major civil disobedience, among other crimes.

It is thought that many of the prosecutors in this trial are calling for Mas to be disqualified from public office for 10 years. He however does not stand alone in this trial. Alongside him with accusations from the misuse of public funds to perverting the course of justice are Irene Rigau and Joana Ortega, the former deputy and Catalan education minister, respectively.

The masses of supporters for the accused gathered in large numbers outside court and were heard chanting slogans like democracy is not a crime”.

This is a very sensitive case for Spain and with the nation and the outside world watching with interest, it will also be somewhat of a show trial as Spain’s constitution flexes its mussels.

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