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Estepona is located about 15 minutes west of the holiday resort Marbella. It is off of the N340 / A7 road that runs the entire length of the Costa del Sol, although you can also get to it via the toll road (AP7) from Marbella.

Information about Estepona

Estepona is a very Spanish town and although it has undergone much development over the last few years, it remains very popular with Spanish tourists during the summer months.

Estepona is a fairly large ‘postal’ district incorporating a number of urbanisations (developments) along an area known as the ‘New Golden Mile’. However, the main town of Estepona is an area with a long stretch of sandy beach and the town on the opposite side of the road.

Estepona is growing in popularity as a place to both visit and live so the infratructure in Estepona has grown to accommodate the increase in tourism.

A huge underground car park has been completed right next to the sea front to allow additional parking facilities for the many visitors to the town.

The beach at Estepona is a long and is mainly good quality sand. Running along the promenade area are many chiringuitos (authentic Spanish wooden structures serving food and drinks). Some of them are very popular and have fantastic fish and seafood menus.

The town of Estepona itself is quite big and is a busy commercial centre with lots of different shops, banks and restaurants / bars. Some run opposite the seafront and others are a road or two back from the beachfront.

Behind the main front part of Estepona is the old town where you will come across small narrow roads, lined with small houses mostly whitewashed and many displaying colourful flowers in colourful Spanish ceramic pots.

If you head west along the seafront (away from Malaga) you will come to Estepona port. It is not difficult to see the port from a distance as the buildings are painted pale blue and white. Again in the port area are shops, restaurants and bars. On a sunday there is a busy market which attracts visitors from all over the area.

As well as being a thriving community of it’s own, Estepona is a holiday resort and has some good quality hotels nearby.

Due to the slightly more authentic feel than some of the more eastern holiday resorts on the Costa del Sol, Estepona is also attractive to property buyers that want to be close to the other towns and facilities but actually live in a more Spanish type of community.

How to get to Estepona

Beause of its location it can be served by either Gibraltar Airport or Malaga Airport, although you will find that the majority of visitors use Malaga as it has significantly more flights.

Driving Directions to Estepona from Malaga Airport
As you exit the airport you follow the signs for the N340 / A7 in the direction of Cadiz / Algerciras. Once on the road you continue all the way to Estepona (about 60 minutes travelling time). There are a couple of sections where you can join the toll road, the first being just before Fuengirola and the second after you have gone past Marbella, just to the left of the Puerto Banus tunnel.

It really is very straightforward. The only part of the journey you will need to look out for is once you have gone past the La Canada commercial centre in Marbella (on your right). This section of road goes into 4 lanes and about 2 kms after La Canada, the road will contine straight in the two left lanes, or splits on the right to go through a tunnel. If you want the toll road to Estepona then stay left, otherwise go through the tunnel to the right. This will tale you through Puerto Banus, through an underpass under San Pedro de Alcantara and on towards Estepona (all clearly sign posted)

Directions to Estepona from Gibraltar Airport

As you leave the airport you will need to turn right and then loop back (U-turn) so you are on the correct side of the road. Just head straight along the coast road (with the sea on your left), through the many traffic lights until you exit La Linea into an area called ‘Campamento’. After this you will go through a couple of large roundabouts past the petrol refinery on your left, always heading in the direction of Malaga and Algeciras. The road will start ro rise slowly. About 300 meters past the refinery you need to take the exit on your right for Estepona, Sotogrande and Malaga (straight on goes to Algeciras). This is now the main N340/A7 dual carriageway. Stay on this road past signs for San Roque Golf Resort, Guardiario and Sotogrande Playas, until you see another sign for Puerto Sotogrande / Estepona N340/A7. You can either take this road or stay on straight and use the toll road. If you do just stay on until you get to the toll, go through toll and stay straight until you see a sign for Estepona. If you take the Puerto de Sotogrande exit then you go down a slip road to a roundabout. Go straight across this and left at the next roundabout which takes you up a very steep hill and down the otherside again. When you get to the roaundabout at the bottom, take the second exit (essentially straight on) and then simply follow the coast road and signs for Estepona (the sea will be on your right).

Some pictures of Estepona


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