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Some of the great things about Andalucia are the variations in scenery, the beautiful coastal towns and of course the historical inland villages.

One of those villages os located high up in the hills of Andalucia, just off of the main coastal section of the Costa del Sol is the ancient town of Gaucin. The town was thought to have been built back in the Roman times although it really came into it’s own during the occupation of Spain by the Moors where it was an invincible fortress.

A fort was built at the very top of the hill and beneath it a village started to spread out due to the protection offered by its monumental fortress. The name of the village was actually derived from the position of the fortress “Sair Guazan”, which basically translates to “strong rock”. Nowadays the fortress is just ruins but still something that attracts many tourists to Gaucin.

About Gaucin

About Gaucin

There is much history in Gaucin as you might imagine, especially during the uprising of the Moors and their eventual defeat at the hands of the Christians. Due to the strategic location of the castle in Gaucin, it made the village very difficult to overwhelm. Eventually in 1485 the Catholics captured the castle of Gaucin, called ” el Aguila” and although there were many revolts, the Marquis of Cadiz dealt with them firmly and harshly.

The views from Gaucin are quite spectacular and on a clear sunny day, (most days during the summer) you can clearly see Gibraltar and African beyond it. The village itself is on various levels and there are narrow windy roads that work their way through the whitewashed houses. The views, surrounded by stunning countryside together with the warmth and hospitality of the residents, have brought many an author and artist to the village.

Within the town there are a few good restaurants and bars and some very quaint hotels in which many a couple have spent a romantic weekend.

Altough Gaucin is popular with tourists it has managed to remain very authentic and still retains its roots and values. If you are staying in Gaucin make sure you book somewhere to eat as there are not lots of restaurants and it’a a fair drive to the next village.

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