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Goldfinger Probe

According to multiple sources it has been said that former James Bond, Sean Connery has had his final warning from the Spanish authorities and that failure to comply could result in a jail term for the Scottish actor.

The issue relates to a land deal carried out some years ago (1999) and the sale of his villa, Casa Malibu. The authorities have been trying for three years to question Connery over the sale of the property without success.

Once sold for£ 45 million, the villa was demolished and a development of some 70 apartments was built where it stood but paperwork indicates that permission was only given for five apartments.

The case has become quite famous in Spain, being dubbed ‘The Goldfinger’ with disgraced ex-mayor of Marbella, Julian Munoz, and former town planning chief Juan Antonio Roca, along with 15 other people, all expected to be questioned about the sale.

Both Munoz and Roca are already doing time for other money laundering and abuse of power crimes.
The case continues and as yet there has been no word from Connery.

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