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Palia Las Palomas Hotel

To the jubilation of many out of work hotel industry staff the hotel Las Palomas in Torremolinos has at long last reopened, having stood in a state of disrepair for over five years.

Hotel Las Palomas, Torremolinos Timeline

The hotel was built back in 1967 and was a successful and popular hotel within the area. It is located in Calle Carmen Montes in La Carihuela and provided employment to over 100 people from the area.

Fast forward to 2011 and the La Palomas was closed, leaving in its wake many unemployed residents. Like many hotel closures it rocked the community, so much so that former employees set up a picket line in the entrance as many had to wait years to receive the salaries they were owed from their former employers.

After years of neglect and becoming an eyesore in Torremolinos a group based in Mallorca called Palia Hotels decided to add the hotel Las Palomas to their portfolio and acquired it early in 2016 for 13,100,000 euros at auction. Having spent a considerable sum on getting the hotel back on its feet, to the tune of six million euros, it undergone a total refurbishment and along with it the hotel has been renamed the Palia Las Palomas Hotel.

The Palia Las Palomas Hotel comprises of 303 modern rooms with the entire complex being transformed to make it a welcoming and well priced choice for holiday makers. Not only is this fantastic news for the town, it is a great advantage to the thousands of visitors that flock to Torremolinos every summer. It is also an indication that the tourism industry which was affected by the banking crisis a few years ago is starting to recover.

The re-opening of the hotel, along with some other facelifts and initiatives in Torremolinos is set to make the town a popular holiday destination once again.

Palia Las Palomas Hotel

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