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The official RENFE website, even when tranlstaed into English is not the easiest of sites to navigate. Over the years we have found that one of the most common searches people make about the RENFE network is for RENFE maps so that they can work out rail routes across Spain.

In light of this common search, we have spent considerable time searching through the RENFE website and looking for the maps so that we can provide you with information on the different main areas of the network.

The image gallery below are of the different RENFE rail network maps to give you a clearer idea of the RENFE coverage across Spain.

If you click in the top left of each image when viewing through the gallery it will expand the map to full screen size so that you can see it clearer.

If you are planning using the trains in Spain quite extensively your best option would be to book an InterRail pass which provides unlimited rail travel on the RENFE network.

There are different options available from as little as a three day rail pass up to eight days.

Please use the links on the right to access the specific area and to view more detailed interactive maps of the RENFE network in Spain.

Andalucia »Northern RENFE Map »Extremadura »Levante »Madrid RENFE Map »

Book RENFE Trains:

To book a RENFE train we have found it much easier to use the El Corte Inlges website, especially as they often have promotions not available on the main RENFE website. Although it is in Spanish it is very easy to use. Just select ‘Tren’ and enter your destinations.


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