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Renfe Network

Renfe Train network in Spain

The Spanish rail network is known as RENFE and it operates a fairly complicated schedule. The express trains have 4 different levels of speed and luxury and are called Electrotren, TER, Talgo and Pendular. Always try to make an advance reservation on RENFE trains if possible or purchase a RENFE railpass in Spain (where they will cost you less than if you purchased them outside of Spain). RENFE tickets may be purchased at the railway stations or travel agents with a RENFE sign. We would recommend that you reserve a seat on longer trips as the trains can get fairly crowded.

To help you with your research into using the RENFE rail network in Spain, we have found a series of maps on the RENFE website and added them to this website for your reference. The RENFE Maps Index

Background of RENFE
With headquarters in Madrid and 32,000 employees, RENFE is Spain’s major railway operator. The company has an annual turnover of over $2 billion and offers every level of rail service, from local destinations to high-speed intercity links. The newtork is constantly being updated and travelling times between major cities is coming down all of the time.

A good way to see Spain
Using the RENFE rail network is a good way to get around Spain easily and without stress. For more information on booking a ticket or to check destinations please go to the RENFE website

To book tickets for RENFE tickets you can click here

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