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Senator Spa Hotel Cadiz

During February the weather in Spain, especially the Costa del Sol has not been great. In fact it has been very wet which limits the things there are to do.

We decided to head of to Cadiz on the coast known as the Costa de la Luz. Cadiz itself is a city (and province) swathed in history. It was an unusual place in so far as it accessed via a thin strip of land with water either side of it.

The part of the city we were heading to was known as the ‘Old Town’ where there were many old buildings and narrow streets alongside modern buildings and shopping centres.

The vegetation in Cadiz is stunning and it is said that Colombus brought back many exotic plants and trees for the ‘New World’.

We however were not on a tourist day, we were heading straight to the Senator Spa Hotel in Cadiz for a relaxing day.

It was fairly easy to find the Senator hotel as it is one long straight road that leads into the old town. We found the hotel and managed to negotiate the car park. If you have a large car then forget parking in the hotel car park, just park in the underground car park in front of the hotel as the access to the hotel’s car park is very narrow.

Once checked in we went on a quick tour of the hotel which was very nice and styled traditionally with a central plaza.

We headed to the Spa and were amazed at the number of different pools. There was a Jacuzzi (of course) and a pool with lemons floating in it, a pool with jets, another with stones and a larger pool big enough to swim. It really was a lovely hotel and well worth a visit if you are in the Cadiz area.

Value for Money

Summary: A great hotel and well worth a visit

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