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Province: Cadiz
Travelling time from Malaga Airport by Car: About 1 hour 20 minutes
Nearest International Airport: Gibraltar Airport (about 25 minutes by car)
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Sotogrande is a prestigious resort close the the famous Valderrama golf club which hosted the Ryder Cup back in the late 90’s. The main area of Sotogrande that is popular with tourists is the port area. Although not nearly as big as Puerto Banus it is a stop over for many luxury yachts.

The port area itself has some fabulous restaurants and cafés although the overall atmosphere is much more relaxed and laid back than some of the other ports on the Costa de Sol.

You will find that Sotogrande tends not to be referred to as a town or village but as a luxury estate. The development of Sotogrande started back in the 1960’s and it has continued to develop until it has become the luxury estate it is today.

Sotogrande also hosts an annual polo event which is attended by some of the worlds rich and elite socialites.

The beaches in Sotogrande are not as manicured as some you might find along the Costa del Sol. They are much more authentic and rustic, which just adds to the charm of Sotogrande.

The sea will feel a little cooler than in other parts of the Costa del Sol and you will even get a slight tide and larger waves now and again. This is because Sotogrande is pretty much on the edge of the Mediterranean where it meets the Atlantic Ocean. Gibraltar is the cut off between to two and on a clear day (which are the majority in the summer) you have the most amazing views of Gibraltar and the Africa.

Sotogrande has a very good and well respected school called the Sotogrande International School or SIS for short. This has proved to be very handy for people that have relocated to Sotogrande with school aged children as it is one of the best schools on the Costa del Sol.

Property in Sotogrande is mostly luxurious with beautiful penthouses and luxury mansions. There is a mixture of port, beachside and golf properties for sale in Sotogrande.

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