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Possible Third General Election

The political uncertainty looks set to continue in Spain as the main parties simply do not want to work with each other. It was looking likely, at one stage, that My Rajoy would be able to form a coalition government with the PSOE but its leader Pedro Sanchez is refusing to support a right-wing government supported by Rajoy.

Rajoy has responded to this snub by explaining that this is not an ideal situation and if the PSOE are not prepared to work with him and form a coalition government in Spain then there will need to be a third general election, something that the nation really does not want or need considering the unstable financial status of the banks.

It seems that all parties are quite prepared for Spain not to have a government and the political turmoil to continue, despite the negative effect it will have on Spain and potentially its economy.

The only possible solution apart from another general election is for either Rajoy or Sanchez to step down or be sacked, with the latter probably more likely for Sanchez at least.

In the meantime Spain remains in the hands of the interim Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy.


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