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Flying to Spain – The most popular way to travel to Spain is by plane as the majority of main Spanish airports are well connected to most european and non-european countries.

Due to the increase of low cost airlines, getting to and from Spain can now be very cheap. This type of travel and the low prices will only increase the number of visitors, and considering that most european destinations are only around 2 to 2.5 hours flying time away, it is a big factor in people making up their minds to actually relocate to Spain on a more permanant basis.

For more information on the main airports in Spain and the main low cost airlines please click “Spanish airport and flight information“.

Getting to Spain by Boat – It is possible to get to Spain by boat but it certainly is not the quickest method. You can sail from the UK to the north of Spain usually to Santander or San Sebastian but it is a 2 day trip across the Bay of Biscay.

The adavantage is that you can bring your car across and then drive on to your chosen destination. There are many stop over points in Spain for some of the cruises so arriving by ship might not be as big a surprise as expected. For more information on the main ports and ship operators please click the link below which will give you the latest offers for Ferries from Portsmouth to Bilbao

Spain by Train -The Spanish railway network is now considered to be one of the best in the World with much of the track now changed to handle the high speed trains. This has resulted in journey times being reduced and longer trips now completed within a good time.

Click the following link for information on the RENFE network.

Getting to Span by Car – Access to Spain via road requires travelling through France. If you are travelling from the UK it will realistically take 2 days depending upon where in Spain you are heading to. The easiest roads for both France and Spain are the toll roads. Although this will add to the cost of your journey, the roads tend to be much quieter and better quality, usually skirting around villages and towns. Before travelling by car in either France or Spain, check with the relevant authorities about the various requirements. For example Spain recently introduced some new laws such as the requirment to carry a refelctive jacket in your car. Not only should you put it on if you are standing on a public highway, it must also be in full view within your car if a traffic policeman were to pull you over. It cannot be in the boot of your car as you are meant to be able to put it on before you exit the car. Another requirement in Spain is to have a spare set of bulbs for every light in the car. Failure to carry either of the above will result in an on the spot fine. Warning triangles are another requirement and in fact you should carry two in the boot of your car.

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