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UK TV in Spain

When we first arrived in Spain back in 2003 watching UK TV was the norm. It was simple, you just used your Freeview SKY box and you had access to all the usual channels you were used to back in the UK.

Some people had subscriptions and they were able to watch all the sports and film packages as an extra, but again it was all very simple.

These days however it is a very different story. For whatever commercial reasons, SKY moved their signal from one satellite to another. This might not sound like such a big deal but what it did was concentrate the satellite beam more solely towards the UK. This meant that many parts of Spain and southern Europe, where there are lots of expats living, suddenly were unable to receive the satellite signal.

Basically overnight there was no more UK TV in Spain!

UK TV in Spain

Lots of so called solutions were popping up all over the place but generally the services were poor and unreliable at best.

The main services were Internet based and became known as IPTV (Internet Protocol TV). There is a mixture of boxes available to access these services but the best one seems to be the Mag250 Eurobox.

Having also reviewed lots of different IPTV services there was one that stood out from the rest. Not only did it seem to offer the best IPTV in Spain, it offered the best service and the best choice of channels, including Scandinavian and Dutch TV if they were needed.

The company you should look at for UK TV in Spain is definitely Best TV Choice at

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